About Palma-Media

Palma Media is a innovative marketing company located in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
We seek to provide comprehensive marketing solutions wether you are a brand new business or a running business that is thrilled to expand.
Our believe is that every business is a unique project that should be approached differently and customized for specifics needs and goals.
Our Media team combines talents from a wide range of fields – Sales specialists, Programmers, Designers and Analysts that are eager to know to your business and tailor the marketing plan for your business.

Our Vision

A business can have a cutting edge product, the kindest service and the most talented management, But marketing will be the element that determines the success and growth of your business.

Marketing should be the beating heart the of every business – whether you are a lawyers firm, An Engineering company, A barbershop or a restaurant – Your business model relies on your incoming clients stream.

The good news are, It can always be improved.