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Palma Media provides a wide range of tools to enhance your marketing performance:

Marketing Planning

Every business is a unique project that should be approached differently and customized for specifics needs and goals.
Our Media Team at Palma Media will learn your business, will inspect what strategy will be most suitable for your business demands and will make sure that you are maximizing the return of your investment.


The way that your business is presented will have a major influence on the type of the audience that you attract, You should be focused on the audience that will be most relevant to your product and branding is a fundamental strategy to obtain it and optimize your conversion rate.

Social Profiling

Nowadays, Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) are where most online activity occurs and provide a great tool to monitor your online reputation.

Our Social Media department at Palma Media will and boost your online presence and will make sure that you stay connected with your clients.

Lead Value Improvement

Every customer counts, Maximize your ROI by learning what makes your customers to come back, Know what they are truly looking for and how you can provide it to them.

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